A Legacy Of Service

For more than a decade, I have practiced law with a single mission in mind: to provide individuals and families in Colorado Springs with the legal support they need when undergoing divorce. I offer pragmatic guidance, helping my clients maintain control over their relationships with their children, their assets and their future.

Getting The Results You Want In Divorce

My aim is to resolve matters amicably whenever possible. Through mediation and negotiation, divorce concerns can be settled at less expense — and with less emotional fallout — than through rancorous litigation. Children benefit greatly when their parents are able to agree to custody and support plans and share parental responsibilities. Likewise, when an agreement is reached collaboratively, spouses are usually able to retain more of the assets that are most valuable to them.

When necessary, however, I offer aggressive and effective courtroom representation to my clients. Prior to establishing my private practice, I served as a state prosecutor and as corporate defense counsel. I am familiar with the inside of a courtroom and skilled at asserting my clients' interests and rights. Simply put, I help my clients maximize their chances of success.

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Put My Experience To Work For You

To speak with an attorney, please reach out to me at my office. You can call me at 719-475-9994 or arrange an appointment online.

I offer free initial consultations, so that I can help you assess your situation and inform you of your options before you're obliged to pay.