Protecting Your Child's Best Interests

Generally, once a divorce has been ordered by a court and a child lives with only one parent, the noncustodial parent must pay child support. This is true even if the custodial parent has an independent source of income. All states, however, have guidelines by which courts can decide to raise or lower child support payments based on parents' income and other factors.

The child support guidelines formula attempts to put the child in the financial position he or she was in before the divorce. The guidelines, though, are just that: guidelines. A court may diverge from them if special circumstances warrant doing so. For these reasons, it is imperative to have a competent family law attorney to handle your divorce.

Why You Need An Attorney In Child Support Considerations

At times, the income, assets or education potential of a parent can be misinterpreted by a lazy attorney or a busy judge. This may lead to an inequitable determination of mandated child support payments. Once the court orders support payments, it is expensive and time-consuming to appeal. Once a mistake is made, it is difficult to make a modification. Do not let this happen to you.

As your lawyer, I will make a point of taking the necessary time to properly investigate your situation to ensure that the judge gets the information he or she needs to make a fair decision regarding child support payments. It is crucial that you have a conscientious attorney when it comes to evaluating child support payment issues.

Legal Support When You Need It Most

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