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What can be done to enforce a visitation schedule in Colorado?

Getting a divorce in Colorado can lead to emotional and personal upheaval. This is worse when there are children from the marriage and child custody and a visitation schedule is in dispute. Even in cases where the couple is cordial or even friendly, issues can arise to make the situation acrimonious. After the case is completed and parenting time has been determined, it does not necessarily mean the case is over. If parenting time and the visitation rights are problematic, filing a motion to have the agreement enforced can settle concerns.

When there is a hearing for parenting time, the court can install different rules and conditions to be consistent with the prior order. By doing this, this is a step to ensure the prior order is successful. The court is required to separate child support and the visitation rights so there can be no conditions set by either parent to influence these aspects of the case.

Premarital agreement waiver of rights can be key in divorce

For many Colorado couples, a premarital or postnuptial agreement is part of the marital process. They have the agreement as a condition of the marriage, and do so understanding the potential ramifications, if the union does not work out. When there is this type of agreement, there are certain criteria that must be adhered to for the document to be legal and enforceable. While these have been discussed previously, one that is important and should be considered on its own is the waiver of rights.

With the waiver of rights, there must be certain language. It is required to be prominently displayed and easy to understand. This is vital for the party who might have significantly more assets than the other party, as well as the party who stands to limit his or her rights as to what can be received as part of a divorce agreement. There is a basic statement that the signing party is required to know and accept. If there is a dispute after the fact, this can be a critical part of the case's resolution.

Where are some places your spouse may hide assets before divorce?

For the average person considering divorce in Colorado, the biggest concern other than protecting the relationship with their children will be trying to secure a reasonable and fair outcome to the property division process. After all, even if you didn't earn much money during the marriage, you may have provided emotional and practical support in the home unpaid.

Under Texas family law, you have the right to a shared interest in the assets and income accrued during the marriage, regardless of what amount of income you actually earned. It's an unfortunately common practice for spouses, often the higher-earning spouse, to try to hide assets as a way of altering the divorce outcome.

Helping you navigate same-sex family law matters

While same-sex couples have the right to marry and divorce in Colorado, this does not mean that these couples are faced with the same divorce issues when navigating family law matters. Unfortunately, same-sex couples face various obstacles, as the field of same-sex family law is still emerging. Thus, in order to reach a resolution and protect one's rights in these complex matters, it is important to fully understand one's rights and what options are available.

At Mary Kay Kramer PC., our skilled legal team understands the complex dynamics of family law matters. Additionally, our law firm has focused on aiding parents of same-sex couples navigate the sensitive and challenging matter arising from their divorce, such as child custody and support.

Helping you move smoothly through the divorce process

No one gets married in Colorado with the idea that the union will end, but this is a reality every couple must face, as the national rate still remains around 50 percent. And, when a couple becomes one of the 50 percent, it is important that divorcing spouses fully understand the process and what they can do to help ease this often challenging and emotional process.

Because the divorce process can include tough and emotional decisions, it is often a sensitive matter. At Mary Kay Kramer, P.C., our experienced legal team understands this, which is why we carefully and delicately handle these matters.

What expenses can child support cover?

Raising a child in Colorado is a fulfilling and enjoyable part in life. However, it is also costly to have a family. These costs can feel like a significant weight, especially when one parent maintains most of the child rearing. Whether parents are divorce, separated or never married, obtaining child support can be necessary and extremely valuable, as it can cover a wide range of expenses.

What expenses can child support cover? While child support is used to pay for the essential needs of a child, such as food and clothing, the reality is that these financial support payments can be used to address other needs and expenses related to the upbringing of a child. This often includes basic necessities, medical care, educational fees, childcare, transportation and travel, entertainment, extracurricular activities and college expenses.

Issues faced during same-sex adoption

Starting a family is a major and exciting event for couples in Colorado and elsewhere. While this process may appear to be easier for some, other are faced with challenges and hurdles to have the family that they have always dreamed of. For a same-sex couple, this could mean navigating adoption and working through this lengthy and emotional process.

When parents adopt a child, these parents then become the legal parents to the child. In some states, if a same-sex couple is married, the other parent is automatically treated as the second parent to the adoptive child. However, other states only allow for one parent to adopt the child. This means that only one parent has legal rights to the child, which includes the right to live with the child and make decisions regarding their health, education, religion and other important decisions.

Helping you secure child support

We all have heard that children are expensive; however, one does not fully understand the extent of this statement until they have had a child of their own. This task is usually manageable with a two-income household or one parent staying at home to care for the child to offset the high costs of childcare. But when parents are no longer together, this can make it challenging to meet the financial needs of a child, especially when a non-custodial parent is not providing child support to the custodial parent.

Legal matters involving children are one of the most sensitive. This is why the legal team at Mary Kay Kramer, P.C., delicately handles these cases. Our law firm is aware that with child support issues also come other legal issues, such as divorce or custody. Therefore, we are dedicated to helping our clients make sense of this emotional and overwhelming situation.

Can you punish your ex for adultery during a Colorado divorce?

Infidelity is one of the most common reasons that people seek a divorce. It is an unfortunate fact of life that many people cannot abide by their promise for long-term monogamy with their spouse for any number of reasons. Discovering that your spouse has a philandering side can feel like a true violation of your trust, which is why it often leads to divorce filings.

Of course, if your ex is still carrying on with their extramarital partner, simply ending your marriage may not seem like a sufficient penalty for their indiscretion. Many people strongly want to punish their ex for hurting them. It is relatively common for spouses dealing with an affair to want to hold their ex accountable for their infidelity during the divorce. Unfortunately, Colorado law does not allow many forms of recourse for a jilted spouse.

Military divorce and securing military retirement pay

The brave men and women who serve in our armed forces deserve praise for their bravery and commitment to our country. These individuals sacrifice a lot in their service to our country. While they often put their own safety in jeopardy, they also sometimes put their marriages on the line. Long-term deployments can cause couples to grow apart, and mental health issues related to active duty can make matters complicated. Sadly, these disruptions often lead to divorce.

While military divorces are similar to civilian divorces, there are a few things to keep in mind. To start, a military divorce may take more time, especially if one spouse is deployed. While this may be frustrating to some individuals, they should take comfort in knowing that they have additional time to sort out any divorce-related legal issues.

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