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How can you have a 'good' divorce?

You've heard enough horror stories from couples who have been through ugly breakups to know what a bad divorce can be like -- but is there really such a thing as a "good" divorce?

Actually, yes. A good divorce doesn't necessarily mean that you and your ex won't fight or that you'll get 100% of whatever it is you want in the split. Instead, good divorces are generally defined by what they aren't: Unreasonably drawn out and unnecessarily expensive.

Same-sex couples still struggle to exercise their parental rights

The U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage here in Colorado and every other state back in 2015. Many individuals assumed that this would make it easier for moms and dads to exercise their parenting rights. Nothing of the sort has happened, though. Many same-sex spouses still find themselves having to go through the adoption process to legalize their parental relationship with their biological kids.

Some same-sex couples are still required to go through the adoption process to gain parental rights to their children. This requirement exists even though the U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed their position that there's no difference between a heterosexual and a same-sex couples' marriage in 2017.

What are temporary orders in a divorce?

When a couple is going through a contentious divorce, one of the first things that often happens is a request for something called "temporary relief." Temporary orders are an integral part of the divorce process and serve to keep both parties on even ground for the sake of fairness.

What do temporary orders do?

How should parents handle child custody negotiations?

Going through a divorce can bring out the worst in some people, but if you share children with your ex, you need to think carefully about how you handle each aspect of the split. One area that you have to handle with kid gloves is child custody.

Some parents might be tempted to bring all of their anger into the child custody negotiations, but this is a horrible idea. Instead, parents must focus solely on what the children need because the court is going to consider the best interests of the children when it's evaluating custody agreements.

Your kids deserve the financial support of both parents

If you are going through a divorce here in Colorado, you may be tempted not to seek child support from your child's other parent. After all, you may think, you earn a good living. You can easily support the kids on your salary alone. You'd prefer to have one less thing over which to quibble with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

In short, seeking child support might not even be on your radar right now as you wind down your marriage. But that is rarely a good decision.

Estate planning after divorce: What to remember

Getting through a divorce is already stressful and time-consuming, so you certainly can be forgiven if you just want to relax once it's over.

Unfortunately, your job isn't quite finished. Once your divorce is final, you will need to make some new plans for your future.

Why your friendships change after a divorce

You and your spouse were both part of the local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community before you became a couple, so you've shared many of the same friends for years.

Then your marriage fell apart and it seemed like all of the people you thought were your friends just mysteriously vanished. You stopped getting invitations to parties, and you've heard that people have been talking about you behind your back.

3 special days when your children will want both parents present

Parents planning a divorce often put a lot of effort and thought into how they want to split up parenting time. From carefully planning the division of responsibilities over the summer to splitting up holidays and other special events preemptively, divorcing parents often work hard to protect the relationship with their children and ensure they have enough time with their kids.

While a good parenting plan will reduce conflict and ensure that you have the right to spend time with your kids on the most important days, you might be overlooking your children's wishes for your own comfort if you insist on only one parent being present at most special events as part of your custody agreement.

Divorce, child support and college expenses in Colorado

As every parent knows, children are expensive -- and that doesn't change as they get older. Once your child enters college, they are bound to have some considerable expenses.

Under Colorado law, child support orders entered after July 1, 1997 cannot include a court-mandated order of support for college (post-secondary school) expenses. However, that doesn't mean that parents can't make agreements that will define who has to pay for what expenses.

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