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March 2017 Archives

Prepare for divorce by understanding your marital finances

Often, when individuals choose to marry, they either formally or informally agree to a "divide and conquer" strategy of managing the many commitments that befall their union. For example, a married Colorado couple may decide that only one of the spouses will work outside of the home for an income, while the other makes it their focus to manage the household and care for the couple's children. They may select one to make the day-to-day decisions about what the household needs, while the other handles the investments and big picture financial planning of their lives.

Help your child receive the child support they deserve

Child support plays an integral role in providing for a child's best interests. When a child's parents are divorced or unmarried, generally the child lives primarily with one parent while having visitation time with the other. However, the noncustodial parent is generally not relieved of their financial responsibility to their child, and in El Paso County parents may be required to pay child support to help their children.

Adoption within a same-sex marriage

Across the nation, thousands of children are in need of stable homes and families to call their own. Caught in the foster care system or eligible for adoption, many children with these dire needs are living within the state of Colorado. And though not all individuals have the ability to bring a child into their households through adoption or fostering, a number of same-sex couples look to these programs to become parents in their own right.

5 tips to make co-parenting work for you

Co-parenting is a custody option that enables children to reap the benefits of having both parents around on a regular basis. While this might not seem like an ideal situation for you, it is one that can help your child immensely since your son or daughter will have two parents who are very active in life. Consider these tips when you decide co-parenting is right for your child custody situation.

What is a "no fault" divorce?

Ending a marriage under any circumstances can be incredibly difficult. Aside from the many legal and financial decisions one must make to end their union, they also must deal with the emotional turmoil that comes with divorce. The reasons that a person may choose to file for divorce are countless, but in Colorado, there is only one grounds on which all divorces are based.

What can child support be used for?

Despite what you may have believed, child support payments to a custodial parent can be used for more than just life's minimal necessities of clothing, food and shelter. The purpose of child support is to assure that a child lives a normal life which otherwise may have been compromised by living in a single parent household with potentially less earnings than before the divorce. Courts always strive to make certain that the best interests of the child are met. This is true with both child custody and subsequently, child support.

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