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Adoption within a same-sex marriage

Across the nation, thousands of children are in need of stable homes and families to call their own. Caught in the foster care system or eligible for adoption, many children with these dire needs are living within the state of Colorado. And though not all individuals have the ability to bring a child into their households through adoption or fostering, a number of same-sex couples look to these programs to become parents in their own right.

Individuals in same-sex marriages have not always been able to adopt children. In fact, even today some adoption and social workers may believe that children adopted by homosexual partners will be stigmatized by their adoptive parents' relationships. However, research has proven that same-sex couples are able to provide children with supportive, healthy home lives that allow them to thrive just as they would in households run by heterosexual parents.

To this end, like heterosexual couples who wish to grow their families through adoption, homosexual couples may face their own challenges with making their dreams into realities. The adoption process is replete with procedural and legal hurdles that individuals must clear before they may be considered eligible to adopt, and unfortunately individuals in same-sex marriages may face additional scrutiny by those who do not believe they are fit to serve as parents.

When beginning the process to adopt a child, all individuals can benefit from speaking with a family law attorney about their legal needs. Same sex couples may especially benefit in this respect as they encounter adversity from individuals and organizations that may not recognize their rights as legally married partners. The legality of same-sex marriage has been established in the United States by the Supreme Court, and the rights and benefits that apply to heterosexual couples extend to those in same-sex marriages, including those that attach to adoption.

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