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Help your child receive the child support they deserve

Child support plays an integral role in providing for a child's best interests. When a child's parents are divorced or unmarried, generally the child lives primarily with one parent while having visitation time with the other. However, the noncustodial parent is generally not relieved of their financial responsibility to their child, and in El Paso County parents may be required to pay child support to help their children.

Child support can be used to pay for many of a child's needs. It can be used to pay for basic expenses like rent or a mortgage to provide a roof over the child's head. It may be used to pay utility bills so that the child has hot water and light within their home. It can also be used to buy the child food, pay for their medical expenses, provide them with what they need for school and extracurricular activities and a myriad of other costs.

Put simply, child support gives a child the financial resources they need to live their life to the fullest. There are circumstances, though, where a parent may choose not to honor a child support order or agreement and as a result the child's welfare may suffer. When a person shirks their parental responsibility to their child and leaves the child without the support they need, legal options may exist to compel the parent to respond.

Parents who are struggling to make their former partners honor their child support agreements and orders may benefit from seeking counsel with family law attorneys who include child support matters in their practices. Mary Kay Kramer represents individuals facing these and other family law challenges. Readers who wish to learn more about her Colorado Springs-based family law practice are encouraged to visit her firm online on its child support webpage.

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