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April 2017 Archives

Can I adopt my same-sex partner's kids?

Colorado's adoption laws permit a number of parties the right to seek to adopt the children that they love. While individuals generally must be 21-years-old or older to pursue adoption, younger parties may seek to adopt, if they are able to secure approval from the courts. The martial status of individuals hoping to adopt also does not affect their rights to do so, but in most cases, individuals joined to their partners through marriage or civil unions must petition for adoption together.

Equitable division and the process of dividing marital property

Often in marriage, the partners presume that they will share what they have with each other. While this may be the case for some of property, not every piece of property owned by one or both of the partners to the marriage is considered marital. In Colorado, the partners may own property jointly or separately as individuals and depending upon how the property is classified, it may be subject to equitable division principles during a divorce.

What do I do if my ex doesn't pay child support?

A court order or court-approved agreement regarding the financial support of a child carries with it important rights and obligations that bind the parties to it to perform certain tasks. For example, in the case of a Colorado child support order, one parent may be bound to pay support to the other parent for the maintenance and care of their shared offspring.

Keep accurate records of spousal support during divorce

Whether a person is on the receiving end or the paying end of a spousal support obligation, it is important that they maintain accurate records. This Colorado divorce and family law blog has previously discussed how a person may know if they are eligible for support. This post will cover some of the important documents that can help individuals work through any support-based challenges that may arise.

Communication is key for parenting after divorce

During and after divorce, the last thing you really want to do is talk to your ex. However, when there are children involved, communication becomes a key issue in order to provide your children with effective parenting. Things are going to be different, not only for you and your ex-husband, but for your children as well. In order maintain a stable environment, you and your ex must work together.

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