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Communication is key for parenting after divorce

During and after divorce, the last thing you really want to do is talk to your ex. However, when there are children involved, communication becomes a key issue in order to provide your children with effective parenting. Things are going to be different, not only for you and your ex-husband, but for your children as well. In order maintain a stable environment, you and your ex must work together.

Co-parenting after divorce comes with a completely new set of challenges. You and your ex now have different schedules, live in different homes, and have to make different sacrifices for the benefit of your children. Even with these changes, you must still devise a consistent co-parenting plan. If you are facing divorce and need help with custody issues, you should speak with a Colorado Springs attorney experienced with family law.

Communication during the divorce

While you and your husband are transitioning to different households, your children may feel the effects. In order to cut down on stress, you and your ex will have to work toward limiting the conflict. If the two of you cannot get along, it is important to remember that your children are bystanders. Do not use them for revenge by withholding visitation or in any other way that might hurt your ex or cause additional emotional turmoil for the children.

Talk about a schedule

As mentioned above, consistency is very important. This means that the two of you should agree on rules and boundaries for your children. For example, your kids should expect the same bedtime in each household, have the same or similar chores, and the same punishments when they get into trouble.

Routine is also key. Switch off custody on the same days and limit surprise visits. Also, stay on top of each other's schedules so that everyone knows about any potential changes.

Avoiding hostility

If you and your ex are unable to agree on parenting styles and schedules, avoid reacting in a hostile way. Anger does not serve anyone when it comes to working out a successful co-parenting plan. Keep in mind that the two of you must work for the benefit of your children and toward revenge on each other.

If you are thinking about divorce, you will have to start thinking about various options for your children. In order to maintain a strong relationship, co-parenting may be a good option. However, in order to be effective, you and your future ex must maintain open lines of communication.

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