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Keep accurate records of spousal support during divorce

Whether a person is on the receiving end or the paying end of a spousal support obligation, it is important that they maintain accurate records. This Colorado divorce and family law blog has previously discussed how a person may know if they are eligible for support. This post will cover some of the important documents that can help individuals work through any support-based challenges that may arise.

First, both parties to the spousal support relationship should understand the terms of the agreement or order that dictates their obligations. For example, such an agreement or order may state that all payments must be made by cash, check or direct deposit. Based on the rules set forth in the governing document, the parties can better understand which records to maintain.

Second, the paying party should maintain records that demonstrate the completeness and timeliness of the payments they made. Copies of checks, bank statements and transaction histories can all be used to prove that a party made payments in accordance with a spousal support order or agreement. Additionally, if payments are made with cash, payers should record when they made their payments and who received the payments.

Third, receiving parties should maintain similar documents not only to prove that payments were received, but also to demonstrate that, should problems occur, payments were missed or made off of an agreed upon schedule. Bank records that include date and time indicators may show that a payment had not cleared to a recipient's account by the time it was due from the paying party.

Records can help end controversies between parties who disagree over spousal support matters. They can also be vitally important to individuals who may be able to deduct payments from their taxes. To learn more about spousal support and other divorce topics, readers may wish to contact their family law attorneys.

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