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Common reasons for divorce

Lately, you have been considering divorce. Your relationship with your husband has been getting steadily more distant over the years and you have been wondering if it is time to call it quits. You see news reports about celebrities splitting up, usually because one or both spouses committed adultery. It makes you wonder if your reasons for considering divorce are valid, or if they are issues that you can solve if the two of you just work harder.

The reality is that infidelity is not the leading cause of divorce. There are many reasons why couples decide to go their separate ways, including communication issues and financial problems. Regardless of the reasons, if you are headed for divorce, the first thing you should do is contact and experienced attorney in the Colorado Springs area. Read further to find out more about the most common reasons couples divorce.

Not getting in for the right reasons

Many people get married for the wrong reasons. Perhaps they marry for money or financial security. Other people know before they say their vows that their marriage is doomed, but still follow through because they have already spent a lot on the wedding or they have already invested in a future together.

Too much codependence

Couples that depend on each other too much are often destined to implode. When you are too codependent on your partner for things such as deciding what to eat, where to go on date night, what music you like to listen to, you've become overtaken by the other person's interests and have let go of your own.

No teamwork

When you are in a marriage, you have to work together to achieve both small and large goals. For example, if you are both planning to build a dream house, you will have to work together financially. This means that one of you cannot go on monthly shopping sprees while the other is pinching pennies. When couples cannot agree on how to accomplish goals as a couple, it can often cause problems.


Money is a common issue for couples. This is especially true if people operate in opposite ways financially. Similar to the example above, when one person is a spender and the other a saver, problems often arise. For example, if one spouse is comfortable buying everything on a credit card while the other is strict about only using cash, this could cause some serious friction.

There are many other reasons why couples divorce. Whether your impending divorce is due to a change in priorities, financial matters or a lack of intimacy, it is important to remember that sometimes divorce is the right decision.

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