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June 2017 Archives

Poor financial planning can create economic strain for divorcees

There is no doubt that a divorce can throw many curveballs into the future planning of a Colorado resident whose marriage is coming apart around them. While they may prioritize getting to the end of the legal process over any additional considerations, they may also make unwise choices about what economic needs they will have once they are on their own.

Will my prenuptial agreement be honored when I divorce my spouse?

A prenuptial agreement is a contract that two people make in anticipation of marrying each other. It can dictate certain terms and conditions that they will agree to in the event that they eventually choose to divorce. While many Colorado prenuptial agreements are legally sound and respected when the parties to them choose to end their marriages, there are instances and factors that can make some prenups invalid.

Study finds that an acrimonious divorce may impact kids' health

A Colorado Springs resident may experience a wide range of emotions when they choose to begin a divorce. They may feel relief that they have taken a proactive step toward a more peaceful or fulfilling life. They may experience anger at themselves for waiting to divorce or frustration with a soon-to-be ex, who does not seem to view their relationship in the same light. They may panic and feel stress over what the divorce will do to their kids.

Studies show that joint custody is better for your kids

Now that you have determined that divorce is definitely in your future, you may be wondering what type of custody situation will be best for your children. While your relationship with your partner is barely civil on the best days, your children's relationship with your future ex-husband is still strong. By fighting for sole custody, you may not only jeopardize their relationship with him, but you might ruin your relationship with them as well.

Joint custody and parents' shared responsibility of child support

When a Colorado parent is granted sole physical custody of their child, it is common for the non-custodial parent to be required to pay child support for the benefit and care of the child. It is generally expected that the parent with whom the child resides will also financially contribute to the maintenance and welfare of the child. As such, child support is used to provide the child with the basics they need to grow and thrive, following their parents' separation or divorce.

Our firm is ready to help with the many challenges of divorce

Ask any Colorado Springs resident, who is or has been married, about the sacrifices they made for their spouse, and one will likely hear anecdotes that range from small scale compromises to major life-altering decisions. Most marriages require work for the partners to each thrive and accomplish the goals that they have set forth for themselves. When the partners are unwilling to help each other grow, problems can arise and in some cases, divorce may be the result.

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