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Our firm is ready to help with the many challenges of divorce

Ask any Colorado Springs resident, who is or has been married, about the sacrifices they made for their spouse, and one will likely hear anecdotes that range from small scale compromises to major life-altering decisions. Most marriages require work for the partners to each thrive and accomplish the goals that they have set forth for themselves. When the partners are unwilling to help each other grow, problems can arise and in some cases, divorce may be the result.

When a person makes the difficult decision to file for divorce, they may reflect upon how their life plan had to change to make their marriage work. They may have to leave meaningful jobs to take care of children, while their spouses worked and advanced in their careers. They may have had to forego educational or occupational opportunities to support their spouses through transitions of their own.

As a person approaches their post-divorce life, they may feel uncertain about how their finances will support them as they separate and disassociate from their spouse. They may wonder if they will be able to take care of themselves and meet their own needs without their spouse's income.

Divorce is about so much more than ending a relationship. It is about protecting a person's interests and rights in light of the many choices they made in support of their soon-to-be ex-partner and ensuring that they are able to move forward without fear of failure.

Mary Kay Kramer and her dedicated staff of professionals are prepared to work with individuals who feel uncertain about their post-divorce futures. Through client-specific guidance and careful planning, clients of Mary Kay Kramer's firm can feel confident that the decisions they make about their futures will provide them with opportunities to grow.

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