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Study finds that an acrimonious divorce may impact kids' health

A Colorado Springs resident may experience a wide range of emotions when they choose to begin a divorce. They may feel relief that they have taken a proactive step toward a more peaceful or fulfilling life. They may experience anger at themselves for waiting to divorce or frustration with a soon-to-be ex, who does not seem to view their relationship in the same light. They may panic and feel stress over what the divorce will do to their kids.

While emotional responses to divorce seem to be widely accepted, the physical impact of divorce is not as well understood. Psychologists at Carnegie Mellon University undertook a study to examine how divorce may manifest in problems in individuals' health, focusing their inquiry on individuals whose parents had gone through divorces in their youth.

The results of the study suggested that individuals' whose parents went through acrimonious divorces, particularly when their parents did not speak to each other, were three times more likely to succumb to illnesses as adults than adults outside of this subset. While the results of the study are indeed interesting, it is important for readers to recognize that a host of factors could have also influenced the outcome.

Divorce is an important legal process that provides individuals in unhealthy and unhappy relationships with a means of severing their legal ties with their spouses. Although it can be hard for individuals and their kids to endure the struggles that many experience with divorce, those who do choose to divorce give themselves an opportunity to begin their lives again on their own terms.

Readers who are considering divorce as a possible step in their lives are encouraged to speak with divorce and family law attorneys in their communities about the process of ending their marriages.

Source: Popular Science, "Scientists want to know if your parents' divorce is making you sick," Sara Kiley Watson, June 9, 2017

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