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July 2017 Archives

Do my ex and I have to let the court set our child support order?

When parents cannot work together and make agreements about the family law matters that affect their property and children, the courts will step in, and, after considering the relevant facts, will make decisions about the care and disposition of these matters. Colorado parents who can see eye-to-eye on matters related to child support can, however, work through their attorneys to create child support agreements that will dictate the terms of financial support for their kids.

Understand the requirements for seeking a divorce in Colorado

Not long ago, this Colorado Springs family law blog discussed no fault divorces and how a party must show that the marriage is irretrievably broken in order to be awarded a permanent dissolution of their relationship. As individuals no longer must prove fault in order to be granted divorces by the state courts, obtaining divorces can seem easier than they did in the past. However, there are a number of conditions that individuals must meet for their divorce requests to be honored by the state.

Protecting family law rights in Colorado

The choice of two people to unite themselves in marriage is a major decision that will change the course of the participants' lives. In addition to maintaining their own responsibilities and relationships, they may find that they desire to take on more direct, active roles with regard to their partners' children or that they wish to grow their new families through adoption. For some Colorado residents, expanding their legal and familial relationships can be overwhelming, and many may not know how to progress when it comes to beginning family law proceedings.

Could 'nesting' after divorce make it easier on your kids?

When you and your spouse realize that you need to divorce, it can be a difficult concept for your children. Many times, children may believe that they played some role in the end of their parents' marriage. The more contentious the divorce, the harder it can become for your kids. After all, it can be damaging to have to decide which parent they want to live with or testify about the wrongdoings of one or both parents. It can also damage their relationships with their parents to listen to fights or sit through angry testimony about each parent's worst behavior during the marriage.

My divorce was finalized years ago - why do I still pay alimony?

Prior posts on this Colorado Springs family law blog have addressed alimony and its role in a person's post-divorce life. Depending upon a number of factors, a court may determine that one party to a divorce should pay the other financial support so that the recipient may prepare to reenter the workforce or take care of him- or herself following the end of the marriage. A court order regarding alimony may include a date for the payments to cease, or it may be left open-ended if that is the arrangement the court determines to be best suited to the couple's situation.

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