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My divorce was finalized years ago - why do I still pay alimony?

Prior posts on this Colorado Springs family law blog have addressed alimony and its role in a person's post-divorce life. Depending upon a number of factors, a court may determine that one party to a divorce should pay the other financial support so that the recipient may prepare to reenter the workforce or take care of him- or herself following the end of the marriage. A court order regarding alimony may include a date for the payments to cease, or it may be left open-ended if that is the arrangement the court determines to be best suited to the couple's situation.

In some cases, alimony may be required indefinitely, or until the death of the recipient spouse. In these situations, the recipient spouses may be unable to provide financially for themselves or may suffer from a disability that prevents them from maintaining employment for the purposes of earning a livable income.

Alimony can end when a recipient spouse remarries, but not all alimony awards will terminate when a paying spouse passes away. If the recipient is still dependent upon the payments for their basic needs, a court may order that the paying spouse's estate continue with the alimony payments for a future length of time.

Every alimony award is unique to the situation of the parties who divorce, and as such, it is not possible to provide a specific answer to this very broad question without additional facts and information. due to this, readers of this post may wish to consider consulting with their family law attorneys to discuss the particulars of their alimony and spousal support arrangements so that they may better prepare for their financial futures.

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