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Child support for college when parents go through a divorce

Colorado parents usually hope that their children will find successful careers as they transition into adulthood, either after they complete high school, or upon finishing courses in higher education. Not every child chooses to pursue a degree at a college or university but those that do understand that the costs associated with such pursuits can be astronomical. Many children look to their parents for financial support when it comes to following their educational dreams.

While some parents are willing and able to support their kids while they travel down these paths, others may lack the capacity to make such financial contributions. When parents are divorced, and one parent is responsible for paying child support to the other, the paying parent may look forward to the day that the child is an adult and that parent no longer must financially contribute support. Though in some cases, a parent may effectively cut a child financially off upon reaching adulthood, others may choose to continue to support the child as he or she seeks education and training.

Divorced parents can decide to have their financial support of their child extend beyond adulthood in order to allow the offspring to attend college. Their decision to do so can be incorporated into a child support agreement created at the time of the parents' divorce, or may be included in a modified form of the child support agreement if such terms were not originally included.

Parents who wish to better understand their child support obligations with regard to college tuition and expenses should consider speaking with their divorce attorneys. It may also be prudent for such parents to discuss with their legal representatives the impact child support may have on their child's ability to receive financial aid for the furthering of his or her education.

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