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Spousal maintenance may be important after a divorce

Readers of this Colorado family law blog may know, first hand, or have heard from their friends and family members that marriage is work. It can take a lot of effort, patience and understanding for two people to bind their lives together until they are parted by death, and in the end, enduring the test of time simply is not feasible for some married couples. A divorce may result for many different reasons, but when it is pursued, a couple may find that it, like their marriage, is a lot of work as well.

A divorce requires a couple to separate their property, separate their assets, and if they have kids, separate their time so that each maintains a relationship with their offspring. It may force them to part with their homes or other items of importance, and it may require them to confront difficulties that have plagued their marital relationship.

A divorce is often seen as an ending, but when one spouse asks for and receives an order of financial maintenance from the other, the former partners may find that the split they worked so hard for is not as complete as they had imagined. Maintenance of this form, also called spousal support or alimony, maintains a financial relationship between the former partners wherein the payer provides money to the recipient for an established duration of time.

Maintenance may not be a part of every divorce, but when one party is financially disadvantaged due to the end of the relationship, that person may be granted an award of alimony so that he or she may continue to have his or her needs met. It can be an important part of a person's post-divorce life if there is a lack of other means of support. Without a separate job or means to earn an income, a person who receives maintenance may have no other way to pay bills or manage costs on his or her own.

Mary Kay Kramer, attorney, has helped clients seek and receive spousal support during their divorce proceedings. Through careful counsel and client-specific legal preparations she has been able to provide compelling cases for such support and is prepared to fight for her clients when their ex-partners wish to deny their support claims.

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