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Getting child support right is important for all involved

One question heard often is: what exactly does child support cover? If you are experiencing issues relevant to child support, then you will want to know the limits of child support, how it can change, the difficulty of changing or modifying it, and its duration. It is very important to get child support right, because it is, after all, meant to maintain the child's wellbeing, as well as look out for the child's best interests. Courts are usually only concerned with the best interests of the child, and thus, the courts will examine a number of different costs and needs that will support the growth and maturity of the child.

Most people assume that child support only covers basic costs like food and clothing; however, child support can cover more than this. While medical costs are usually covered by mandated health coverage, any costs that are not covered by insurance can be paid for by child support. Childcare is also factored into the child support, especially if both parents are working. Of course, our society values education, so courts will consider education expenses.

The other less obvious costs considered when determining child support include travel, entertainment, and occasionally college expenses. Entertainment costs can range from cable to even laptops and toys. Remember, the income of both parents will be considered when reaching a number for child support. Additionally, child support often lasts until the child graduates high school or obtains the age of adulthood.

It can be difficult to obtain a child support modification simply because going back to court is both financially and emotionally difficult. The court system can be expensive and very stressful. The legal issues around child support modification are complex, so it is crucial to get the appropriate child support order the first time. To learn more, visit our Child Support page.

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