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Divorce options can save our clients time, money, heartache

Last week on our Colorado Springs family law blog, we ended our discussion of gray divorce by noting that these couples may not need to go through the traditional process of a litigated divorce. When spouses generally agree that a marriage is over and they are ready to go their separate ways -- and are able to work together honestly and openly towards that end -- Mary Kay Kramer, P.C. is able to help with alternatives tailored to their needs.

One option we may look at together is called mediation. In mediation, spouses do not retain separate legal counsel the way they do in a litigated divorce. Instead, they agree to both work with one individual -- a mediator -- who is trained to help them negotiate an agreement together that covers all of the details that would otherwise be fought over in court. Not only is this is far less stressful than the adversarial legal proceeding, but it typically costs less too.

Arbitration is another option with which our law firm can assist. Somewhere in between mediation and litigated divorce, arbitration does require that each spouse hire his or her own attorney. Then, instead of going to court, the parties attend an arbitration session (or multiple sessions). The arbitrator plays the same general role as a judge, listening to each side and then making decisions. While more formal than mediation, arbitration can still save our clients money and time by settling important decisions outside the courtroom.

What we want our El Paso County readers to understand is that you absolutely can get a divorce without having to drag each other through an emotional battleground in court. Our law firm can help find the right solution and support you at every step of the way.

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