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The link between retirement and divorce

The end of a marriage is often thought of in terms of a courtroom battle, with raw emotions and fighting over everything from the family home down to the last scrap of silverware. To be sure, some spouses need to fight hard to protect what is theirs in a divorce. For others, however, a marriage may end with the realization that it is time to move on in separate directions.

Take, for example, the case of the gray divorce, or a divorce between couples in their fifties or older. The gray divorce rate has spiked significantly in past decades compared to the rates for other age groups, for which it has actually declined. This may take our Colorado Springs readers by surprise: after all, aren't the golden years of retirement supposed to be free from the stress of working and parenting that typically lead to so many irreconcilable conflicts?

Something that many couples are finding is that retirement actually places a major strain on a marriage. Wives who previously enjoyed quiet and privacy in the home while husbands were at work find their routines disrupted with husbands suddenly at home all the time, looking for things to do. And with children grown and out on their own, these couples may not find they have many things in common to help unite them any longer.

For couples like this, divorce may not involve the kinds of heated disputes commonly envisioned. When both partners feel that the marriage has come to an end and can agree to work towards a mutually agreeable settlement, there are options available to help the process move along relatively quickly, without litigation. A legal professional can help these couples understand their options and what will work best for them.

Source: Forbes, "Gray Divorce & How Working In Retirement Might Just Save Your Marriage," Joseph Coughlin, Oct. 17, 2017

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