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Supporting Colorado Springs clients in alimony matters

After last week's post on our Colorado Springs family law blog, readers may be left feeling like much of what they thought they know about alimony is wrong. The truth is that alimony can be a nuanced issue for a couple to deal with during a divorce, which is why many will turn to a family law professional for support.

In fact, even when we use the term "alimony," we're using it in a general way. Legally speaking, there are three different types of alimony. Restitutional alimony is a limited-time arrangement and it is not intended to support a spouse at the level to which he or she was accustomed while married. Rehabilitative alimony is similarly awarded for a shorter duration with the goal of supporting a divorced partner while he or she prepares with training or education to re-enter the job market.

The type of alimony Colorado Springs will likely be more familiar with is permanent alimony, which does not have the same shortened time restrictions as restitutional and rehabilitative alimony. However, when seeking permanent alimony, one will need to prove to the court that the need for it is real, and that the other former partner will be able to pay at the level sought. Here in particular, the law firm of Mary Kay Kramer, P.C. will be able to make a convincing argument to the court based on more than 10 years of experience representing client in alimony matters.

So, what kind of alimony are you seeking? Will the court award the amount you are requesting, and for the duration you need it? Alternatively, are you a spouse paying alimony who needs to seek a modification to the alimony agreement based on a change in your financial circumstances? Our firm assists Colorado Springs residents with any type of alimony issue in pursuit of an outcome that meets your needs.

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