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What can divorce do (and not do) for Colorado couples? (Part 2)

Previously on our blog, we took a look at issues, like these which the divorce process generally does a good job of helping Colorado Springs couples resolve as they go their separate ways. However, it is important to have realistic expectations going into a divorce, and to understand what a divorce cannot do.

One thing that divorce cannot do is ensure that each spouse will have the same standard of living after separating as they did together. Alimony can help mitigate certain economic effects of divorce, but the fact is that it is less expensive for two people to live together and share household expenses than it is to live apart as individuals. One's salary will likely need to stretch further than it did before the divorce, and so some decrease in standard of living should be expected and planned for as much as possible.

Divorce is also not a good mechanism for making sure spouses behave appropriately. Separated couples - especially those with children - will have to continue to deal with each other on a regular basis. Although they must stick to the court-ordered custody and visitation plan, divorce cannot prevent emotions like animosity, jealousy, even vindictiveness or worse from creeping in around the edges of conversations. Those are issues that separated couples will have to work through outside of the legal system (unless, of course, they rise to the level of abuse or failure to adhere to the court's order).

This discussion is provided as general information, not specific legal advice. While it is important to have a general sense of what to expect from the divorce process, a legal professional can help answer questions unique to each couple's circumstances.

Source: FindLaw.com, "What Is Divorce Good For?," accessed on Feb. 2, 2018

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