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March 2018 Archives

How important is paternity in child support cases?

When a married Colorado couple has a child, there is a presumption that the husband is the child's legal father. This will automatically mandate that the husband will have shared responsibility for the child's best interests and supporting the child should the couple part ways. If there is a concern that the husband might not be the biological father of the child, then it will be necessary to take tests to determine the truth. In cases where the parents are not married, however, the alleged father's name might not be on the birth certificate. In this situation, paternity must be established before the court will make a child support order.

A lawyer can help both parents with child support issues

After parents have decided to part ways and end a relationship but still must have contact and communication regarding the child, the situation can be notoriously difficult. This is especially true right after the relationship has ended and the couple is in the middle of determining living arrangements and how much child support will be paid. The receiving parent and the paying parent will pay strict attention to this as it can have a profound effect on their lives as well as the life of the child. Understanding how to deal with child support is essential and a legal professional is imperative.

Instead of divorce, can a marriage be made invalid in Colorado?

Coloradoans who have decided that their marriage is not working out can part ways and get a divorce. In such a circumstance, there is generally no reason to invalidate the marriage completely as if it never happened. However, in some instances, the parties would like to have the marriage declared invalid. There are certain situations in which this can happen. People who want their marriage invalidated should understand the law and have legal assistance in making the goal a reality.

Can I have my child support order modified in Colorado?

Colorado parents who have ended their relationship will still be linked because of the child. The child's best interests are the most important factor in the couple at least behaving amicably regardless of how their personal relationship ended whether it was a divorce or a relationship that simply did not work out. In a best-case scenario, the couple will be friendly. Regardless, child support is a key part of the child's care. In some situations, however, one of the parents - the supporting parent or the parent who receives support - will want a child support modification. This can be done if certain criteria are met.

How do Colorado courts handle homes in most divorces?

For many couples headed toward divorce, division of the marital assets is the biggest point of contention. Specifically, many couples find themselves fighting over who will keep the marital home after the divorce. Truthfully, if you aren't agreeing to terms prior to divorcing (via mediation or a prenuptial agreement), there's no accurate way to predict how the courts will handle the division of your home and other assets.

How is spousal maintenance determined in Colorado?

When a Colorado couple decides to part ways and divorce, one of the most concerning issues for both parties is whether there will be spousal maintenance - also referred to as alimony - or not. Another factor that is a concern is how much it will be. If one party requests maintenance, the court will consider numerous issues when deciding if it should be awarded and, if so, how much it will be.

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