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Can licenses be suspended or denied if child support is not paid?

Colorado couples who share a child are expected to act in the child's best interests have shared responsibility. Part of that is for the supporting parent to make all the necessary payments for child support on time and in full. Sometimes, however, the supporting parent fails to do that and, after a certain amount of time has passed without progress in getting the payments, the custodial parent must seek other remedies. Understanding how the state can step in and what it can do to compel the supporting parent to pay is essential to getting those payments.

An effective strategy that the state might use to get supporting parents to pay is to suspend or deny licenses and important documents. While this might seem harsh as it can severely impact the person's life and his or her ability to work among other things, that is exactly the point as it is a punitive step to make certain that the supporting parent will do whatever he or she can to pay what is owed. The Colorado Division of Child Support Services (CSS) can ask the DMV in the state to suspend the person's driver's license. If the license is suspended, the person will need a Notice of Compliance from the CSS to get the license reinstated. This can be effective in getting the payments.

It is also possible to suspend a professional or occupational license for not paying child support. Like the driver's license, the person will need a Notice of Compliance to reinstate the occupational license. For a person who needs a license to practice medicine or do any other job which requires a professional license, this can be problematic. Recreational licenses can be suspended. For those who hunt and fish, the failure to have a license can lead to legal problems should they choose to partake in the activity without it. Finally, it is possible to have a passport denied for a failure to pay child support. A passport is necessary for travelers and is also used as identification. If it is denied, the person can face multiple issues because of it.

People who are having trouble getting their child support payments should know that they have alternatives to try and get the payments. Having legal assistance in a case of delinquent child support can be crucial not just for the receiving parent, but for the supporting parent as well. Calling an attorney regarding a failure to pay child support is a wise first step for either parent.

Source: childsupport.state.co.us, "Suspensions & Denials," accessed on April 17, 2018

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