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Married too soon: What to do if you're sick of your spouse

You were in love with your spouse when you decided to get married in college. You knew you weren't done with school, and you were well aware that there were other "fish in the sea," but you couldn't imagine your life without the person you love.

Skipping forward only two years later and you're sure you made a mistake. You were young, and you didn't realize the real work it takes to keep a marriage going. Even though you feel like there is some love between you, you've realized that you aren't married to someone you want to spend your life with. What do you do now?

Short marriages and divorces may not be as devastating as longer marriages

The good thing is that because your marriage is so young, there's a possibility that you haven't merged all your finances, purchased major assets or started a family. If you don't have children, don't own a house and don't share a bank account or other financial obligations, it's actually very easy to separate and divorce.

One of the things that makes a divorce complicated for couples who have been together longer is that there is no definitive mark for who owns what. In a shorter marriage, it's likely that you still know who came into the marriage with which assets and what you expect to take with you when you go.

What can you do if you have kids?

If you have children, they're likely very young. In these cases, it's not guaranteed that the mother obtains primary custody, so fathers can relax in that regard. However, it is more common for children to need their mothers for the first year or two of life more frequently than their fathers, if only because the mother is breastfeeding.

Keep this in mind and remember that you will need to come up with a fair parenting plan that allows you and your spouse to spend time with your children. The only exception is if you want to fight for sole custody because of abuse or other related issues that make it unsafe for your child to have a relationship with the other parent.

You're not alone in wanting a divorce

Nearly half of all divorces happen within the first 10 years of a marriage. It's particularly common between the fourth and eighth years of marriage, interestingly. If you fall into the 25 to 29 age group, you're actually in the group who divorces most often.

It's not unusual to live with and love someone for several years just to find that you're not a perfect match. A divorce is an option if you think it's the right thing for your situation.

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