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According to survey, women paying maintenance grows more common

In Colorado and across the nation, there is an ingrained and anecdotal assumption that when a couple decides to divorce, it is the male in the relationship who will pay alimony to the female. This is largely based on old-school gender roles from years past in which the man was the breadwinner and the woman the homemaker. Of course, as the definition of a family has changed, relationships and finances have also adapted with many women earning more money than their husbands. With that has come a rising number of women who are ordered to pay maintenance to their former husbands. A survey has indicated that this is happening more frequently. For those who are divorcing and have concerns about maintenance, a legal professional is essential.

The survey, from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, says that 54 percent of those polled state they have seen an increase in women paying instead of men. While courts are expected to ignore the ancillary and focus on the facts, there remains a perception that men pay maintenance. However, that is changing. With the number of dual-income homes, it is common that the female earns more than the male. In some cases, the roles have reversed from what was once considered the "norm" and men are staying at home with children as women head into the workforce.

While it is viewed as a positive that more women are increasing their earning power, this can cause them to be obligated to pay for the support of a former husband because they are earning more. For people who believe that this could be problematic, a premarital agreement is advisable before they marry. Not everyone thinks of that as it is often perceived as something for the very rich and prominent. Paying spousal support can be difficult in myriad ways and those who are ending their marriage must ensure they are protected as the case moves forward.

Naturally, it is preferable for a divorcing couple to come to an amicable agreement on their finances and other matters. That is not always possible. Some cases turn into outright acrimony. For women who are confronted with the reality that they might need to pay alimony to a former spouse and men who believe they should receive this support from a higher-earning former spouse, having legal help is key to dealing with the situation. A legal professional experienced in all areas of divorce including maintenance can help with a case no matter the client's perspective and needs.

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