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What income penalties can be given for delinquent child support?

When a Colorado parent has been ordered to pay child support, it is his or her parental responsibility to make the payments as required. For many reasons, some supporting parents shun that shared responsibility and do not make the payments in full or do not make the payments at all. For the parent who is supposed to be receiving child support, this can be a problem. The supporting parent can face various penalties for delinquent child support. The state can use income related enforcement to get what is owed by simply taking it from various sources.

For a parent who is working, the Colorado Child Support Services (CSS) can move to have an income assignment for what is owed. This will be issued to the supporting parent's employer and the money will be taken right out of the wages or other forms of compensation he or she might get. Employers are obligated to report having hired employees. This information is used to find the parent and collect the money. When a supporting parent gets a new job, this is found out through new hire reporting. CSS has access to this information and will use it for wage garnishment.

For people who are not working and are receiving unemployment compensation, this too can be taken to make the necessary payments for child support. Known as Unemployment Compensation Benefits (UCB), the child support payments can be deducted from this based on the law. For people who were injured or became ill on the job and are getting workers' compensation, this can also be intercepted to make the payments for child support. It is irrelevant whether the parent got the payments in a lump sum or is receiving them weekly - they can be taken to make the necessary payments for child support.

Whether the parent is intentionally not paying the child support he or she has been ordered to or there are issues that are hindering the payments being made, the state will take steps to get the payments. Part of that is intercepting the income of the supporting parent. It is in the child's best interests to get the payments as ordered. When the payments are not made, the receiving parent who is not getting them or the parent who might be having trouble making the payments should understand the law and how to deal with this type of situation. Contacting a lawyer who is experienced in child support is the first call to make.

Source: ChildSupport.State.Co.us, "Income Related Enforcement," accessed on May 8, 2018

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