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Understanding child support issues that frequently arise

It is not unusual for parents who have parted ways as a couple and share a child to still have lingering negative feelings about one another that can seep into the child support payments. While it might not seem that there is a direct correlation between child support and the simmering disputes, it is a real issue that should be considered by both parents. Having a grasp of how parents will be confronted (*note: page 67) with problems due to this is important in settling them so it does not grow worse.

Research indicates that problems with child support being paid on time can be connected to parenting time. If a father is having a tough time adjusting to the new relationship and its circumstances, it can negatively impact other areas of his life and result with job loss and hinder the ability to pay child support. Some fathers claim that the mother resisting giving parenting time is a sore spot in having a successful relationship with the child. In some instances, the parenting time does not take place at all or, if it does, it is intermittent and not for the full allotment.

Parents who have a consistent schedule of parenting time that is upheld are shown to have a more consistent record of payments. Steps to avoid problems with child support include: informing the other parent if there is a problem making the payment and explain what is happening; take steps to modify the child support agreement if it is necessary; ensure that both parents are aware of the child support amount as one-quarter of parents are not in agreement as to what is supposed to be paid even if there is an order for it; considering mediation to settle the problematic issues; and discussing the situation before it escalates.

With child support, the child's best interests should take precedence. When there are issues that are becoming too big to handle amicably, the parents should protect themselves and the child by discussing the case with a legal professional who can assist in modifying or coming to some level of agreement not just dealing with the child support, but anything else that stems from a disagreement in this area.

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