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July 2018 Archives

Colorado courts focus on your kids, not you, in a custody battle

Colorado courts take a relatively progressive approach to divorce and custody issues. In fact, Colorado no longer refers to splitting up responsibilities for a child as custody. Instead, they refer to both parenting time and the right to make decisions as parental responsibilities. They expect both parents to contribute to the well-being of the children from the marriage and to perform certain responsibilities on behalf of the children, such as making medical decisions.

What are mandatory disclosures in a Colorado divorce?

When a Colorado couple chooses to divorce, emotional issues will be most pressing, but there are many clerical issues that must be attended to. This can be difficult to remember during such an emotional time, but the documents are imperative to completing the process as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. This detailing of the mandatory disclosures that must be made is key to a case.

Being prepared for a divorce requires certain considerations

When Colorado residents get married, they hope the union will stand the test of time and they will not need to consider a divorce. Unfortunately, many marriages - approximately half - will end in divorce. People in the midst of an unhappy marriage who are thinking about divorce should take certain realities into consideration as they decide on their options. There is paperwork that must be filed, and an examination of the finances must be completed,

Considering the costs to retirement savings in a divorce

For Colorado couples who are getting a divorce, the issues they must consider might seem overwhelming. However, because there are different factors involved does not mean that any one of them should be ignored. Finances can be a major concern with division of assets, asset distribution and other matters coming to the forefront. Recent research has shown that retirement savings can be a casualty in a divorce. Having legal assistance to prepare for this eventuality can minimize the damage it can do to both parties.

Understanding responsibility with children after divorce

After a Colorado couple decides to divorce and there are children involved, there are many more issues that must be considered when compared to a simple parting of the ways of people without children. One of the most common circumstances is how the decision-making responsibility will be allocated. Understanding the law is integral to dealing effectively with a case.

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