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Legal help is critical for both parties when determining alimony

One of the most difficult aspects in a Colorado divorce is determining who will pay alimony, how much it will be, and for how long it will last. Alimony can have multiple alternative terms including maintenance or spousal support. Regardless of what it is called, it is a fundamental issue and often a concern for people who have parted ways and find themselves needing to pay for the upkeep of a former spouse or are the spouse who asserts that he or she is in need. The paying spouse might not have a large enough income to pay. The receiving spouse might not have the current ability to support him or herself in the same lifestyle as they had during the marriage. All of this will be assessed during a divorce.

In general, there are three types of alimony that can be awarded: rehabilitative, for restitution and permanent support. It is vital to understand the difference between them. With rehabilitative and restitution, it will not be for an extended period as it will be with permanent alimony. The goal with these is to help the other spouse get on his or her feet as they are seeking employment, taking part in job training or going back to school. The resolution should be that the recipient will be able to take care of themselves and no longer need support.

With permanent alimony, the recipient will be supported with the basics of life and there is no end date. The party asking for permanent alimony must show that it is required simultaneous to the other party having the means to pay it. There are many factors that will be considered when the determination is made as to what level of alimony will be paid and how much it will be.

Whether it is the paying spouse or the receiving spouse, having legal advice is crucial to a successful conclusion to a case. A law firm that is experienced in helping people with alimony and other matters in their divorce can be of help. When dealing with maintenance issues, calling a divorce lawyer is the first thing to do.

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