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What should I know about temporary orders in a Colorado divorce?

During a Colorado divorce, many issues will be up for debate and discussion. That includes spousal support, child custody, child support and more. As the couple prepares to permanently end their marriage, they will often have worries about finances and other factors while the case is going on. This is where temporary orders should be factored in and understood.

When the case for a dissolution or any other family law matter is ongoing, either of the spouses can request temporary payments. This can be for debts, property use, maintenance, child support, and even attorney costs. With parental responsibilities, the court will assess the best interests of the child when considering a temporary order.

The parties can ask that the court issue a temporary order to do the following: stop either party from making any decisions that go beyond the basics; stop the party from creating a disturbance with the other party or a child; and stop the party from entering the family home or any location if there is an indication that harm - physical or emotional - can result from it.

There can be a temporary or permanent protection order as part of this process. When there is a temporary order or injunction, it will not create a preconceived notion as to the parties' rights or a child's rights when these are to be decided upon in future hearings; it may be modified or revoked before the final decree when there is an affidavit as to the necessary facts for this; and it ends when the final decree for dissolution is entered.

Getting a divorce is hard enough as the process moves forward before worrying about the variety of issues that are prevalent such as how everyday necessities will be paid for, what will be done about children, and similar matters. A temporary order can address these concerns and help the couple concentrate on completing the divorce process and moving on. A law firm that specializes in family law can help.

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