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Understanding a divorce decree

The end of a marriage in Colorado can be a difficult time for both parties. There are many issues that will be in dispute. When a couple determines that a divorce is the best alternative, it is important to remember that there are many factors that come into play. This goes beyond the disagreements that are common in any divorce proceeding. Legal factors must also be considered. One key legal matter is the divorce decree. A lawyer can help with every aspect of the divorce from the beginning to the end when the decree is given.

When there is a decree to end a marriage, it is final once it is entered. There can be an appeal. An appeal that does not challenge the nature of the marriage as being irretrievably broken does not cause a delay in the decree that will end the marriage beyond the appeal. Should either of the parties choose to remarry, they can do so legally. After at least 182 days after the decree in which a legal separation has been granted, the court will convert that legal separation into a dissolution.

The entry of a dissolution will be given to the relevant offices in the state and it will then be available to the public. A spouse will not be relieved of legal obligations from the marriage based on the decree if the other spouse is found to be mentally incompetent. Support or maintenance will then need to be paid unless there is sufficient property for that spouse to be supported. If there is child support, there will be an income assignment. Protection orders can be given even if there has been a final decree for dissolution.

Divorce is not an easy situation. This is true financially and personally. It is also true based on the law. There are many moving parts of a divorce being granted and what happens before and after a decree. To deal with these issues, having legal assistance is a must. A law firm that is experienced in divorce is essential and should be called before taking the next step.

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