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A child's best interests and factors with grandparent visitation

There are many people who will be important in a Colorado child's life. When there is a breakdown of the family and the couple decides to divorce, child custody and the visitation schedule are two issues that will be of paramount importance for the child's development. Not all cases involve the parents alone. Others will want visitation rights with the child. Frequently, that includes grandparents. Knowing the background details of grandparent visitation is as important as the basics. Having legal help is always a key to these complex circumstances.

When a grandparent seeks visitation, there must be a motion filed in the location where the child lives. Facts supporting why there should be this visitation must be in the affidavit. If the party who has legal custody does not want the grandparent to have visitation, an opposing affidavit can be filed. If no one asks for a hearing, the court will allow grandparent visitation if it is found to be in the child's best interests. If one of the parties requests there be a hearing or if the hearing is in the child's best interests, then the hearing will be held. Then it will be determined if the child will have his or her best interests served with grandparent visitation.

A grandparent cannot file an affidavit for visitation more than once every two years unless there is good cause. When good cause is found, it will let the affidavit be filed to decide whether there should be grandparent visitation. The party who has a decision in his or her favor might be ordered to pay reasonable attorney fees. The court cannot make an order to restrict moving with the child if the restriction is to allow the grandparent visitation rights. Grandparent visitation can be modified or terminated when it is in the child's best interests to do so. When a parent is denied or granted parenting time, this will not have an impact on grandparent rights.

When there are disagreements or concerns over grandparent visitation rights, it can make a tough situation worse. Having legal assistance is a fundamental need from the perspective of the parents, grandparents and anyone else involved in the child's life. A law firm that helps with all family law issues like a visitation schedule, child support, divorce and more is essential.

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