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Colorado child custody can be complex and requires legal help

When Colorado parents have reached a point in their relationship where they can no longer stay together, there are many issues that must be considered as they prepare to move on and divorce. Children are a critical factor in the process. For some couples, the divorce is relatively amicable and they can agree on fundamentals with child custody. Others are more contentious, but they can put personal animosity to the side for the sake of the children. Still others are in full-blown dispute and the child custody situation is a continuous battle. In any of these circumstances, having legal help is imperative and should not be ignored.

With child custody, there are many factors that will be considered. The parents will have their own goals and desires with the children and this must be assessed. The children might be of age and sufficient maturity to make their preferences known. Adjusting and adapting to the new situation can be problematic for many children and the parents and courts must think about that. Parents and children and their mental and physical health is a key aspect.

The residences could be further away and even in a different state - the parents could have a problem with that. The time the children will spend with the parents during the school year, in the summer, on special occasions and during the holidays can be problematic. Abuse could be alleged. The involvement the parents have with the children could be referenced when the decisions as to child custody are made.

There are several different levels of custody to consider including: physical custody where the child is living with a parent; legal custody and decision-making authority where a parent can decide how best to raise the child and the other parent's influence is limited; sole custody where one parent is making all the decisions; and joint custody with the parents sharing the responsibility.

Regardless of the case and its tenets, the parents must remember the importance of legal assistance. The children and their best interests will frequently get caught up in the divorce process and the parties will be unable to bridge their differences for the good of the children. Having legal advice is critical with child custody and consulting with an experienced family law attorney is vital.

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