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How can a parenting coordinator help with child custody?

All Colorado family law issues are different and parents will each have a unique set of challenges in handling them while the case is ongoing and after it has supposedly been settled. Parental responsibilities, co-parenting, the child's best interests and a visitation schedule are all factors that must be considered. When there are disputes that cannot be settled but the court believes it can be done without having to make overt orders on its own, a parenting coordinator might be named. This is a neutral third party who will address the concerns.

The following must be in place for there to be a parenting coordinator: the parties have not implemented a parenting plan; mediation is inappropriate for the case or it was attempted and failed; and the naming of a parenting coordinator will serve the child's best interests. When the parenting coordinator is named, that person will disclose all the necessary information regarding relationships he or she might have with the parents and child. This will be done within seven days. If there are conflicts, the court can terminate the appointment and name a different parenting coordinator.

The parenting coordinator will help the parties with implementation of the parenting plan. The following are within the scope of the duties of the parenting coordinator: help the parties establish guidelines and adhere to them with a visitation schedule and custody; have communication guidelines so the parties can discuss the child's interests; inform the parties of resources to help their parenting; help the parties determine what causes conflict and avoid or deal with it; help the parties formulate effective strategies to limit or end conflict.

While parents might want to settle their custody and visitation concerns on their own or have the judge do it for them, a parenting coordinator can be an effective strategy to get the parties to meet in the middle and be agreeable rather than contentious. When there is a dispute about these issues, having legal assistance is imperative. A law firm that is experienced with divorce, child support, child custody, visitation and any family law concern should be called for help.

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