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March 2019 Archives

Does being behind on child support impact a tax refund?

Being behind on paying child support in Colorado is a difficult issue for the parents and the child. The receiving parent will generally need the payments to make ends meet and provide proper care for the child. The paying parent will face various sanctions should he or she fail to live up to the obligation to pay child support on time and in full. There are sometimes unavoidable challenges in life that make it difficult for the paying parent to keep current.

The children are always the primary concern in custody cases

Misinformation about divorce and child custody proceedings is everywhere. These myths spread through the media and stories told by those who exaggerate their own experiences. Quite a few people still believe common divorce myths, such as the idea that women will always have the benefit in custody proceedings.

What happens to public employee retirement benefits in a divorce?

Division of assets is a common source of dispute in a Colorado divorce. While some aspects are part of the marital property such as a home, a motor vehicle, bank accounts, a business and gifts that were given to the parties as a couple, there is often dispute over how a retirement plan will be split. If there is a public employee retirement plan, however, there are certain factors that must be considered. Often, the parties will have a written agreement as to how this benefit will be split. For those who have such an agreement or are considering one, having legal advice is essential as the dissolution moves forward.

Does spousal maintenance require security in Colorado?

There are many considerations that will be part of a Colorado divorce. When there is an order for one spouse to pay alimony - also referred to as spousal maintenance - to the other, it must be paid in full and on time. For some, there are other factors that must be accounted for so the receiving spouse get what he or she is owed. One is whether the paying spouse is required to pay security for the maintenance. For those who are ordered to pay security or a former spouse who wants the paying spouse to pay security, having legal advice is important.

How do you modify child support?

In Colorado, when there is a child custody order and a decision-making responsibility, it is important for parents to remember that these are not set in stone never to be changed. In some cases, a modification is necessary or desired. The parents must understand how and why this will be done based on the law. Not all cases will be contentious. Some are amicable. Regardless of the situation, having a grasp on what the law says and having legal assistance is critical to a case.

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