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Who gets custody of pets in a divorce?

When a person in Colorado divorces, their life is set to change in many ways. These individuals often turn to their pets for comfort to get through this difficult time. However, as with most family law issues in a divorce, who gets custody of the pets is most likely also going to have to be divided in court.

While many people consider their divorce-lawyer.cfm">pets as close to them as children, the law does not recognize this. This means that courts generally must decide custody of pets the same way they would divide assets, such as televisions. If there is more than one pet, then courts might divide ownership randomly in a divorce, without taking into account which pet is attached to which owner.

Anyone who owns a pet knows that they care and nourish it just as they would a child and therefore being apart from them can be difficult. Divorcing couples may want to take court out of the custody equation by agreeing to a custody plan for the pet. Putting the terms on paper, such as custody and visitation, may make it easier for both parties involved. Issues such as who will have primary custody and who will make primary decisions regarding the pet's health care should be addressed in the agreement, as well as any other pertinent issues the owners think it should address.

Divorce is hard on everyone, even on pets who are unable to express their reactions to the changes happening around them. It is difficult to remember that open communication between parties may be the best way to resolve family law issues as soon as possible. An experienced attorney may be able to help with that.

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