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Is it possible to negotiate maintenance calmly?

There are a number of family law issues that arise when a couple is going through a divorce and each one is often more contentious than the last. Spousal support, maintenance, or alimony, can become especially contentious as one party struggles to get what they need to regain financial footing after a divorce and the other party resists these efforts.

In Colorado, as in many other states, formulas are used to calculate maintenance payments. While the formula does factor in incomes and living expenses, other factors are also considered. This means parties should be ready to support arguments regarding financial and physical health of each party, the length of their marriage and respective ages and who stayed home to take care of any children.

Discussing spousal support with one's ex is probably the last thing most people want to do, but there are some negotiating strategies that can be utilized to reach an amicable agreement. Staying calm during discussions is essential and remaining solution oriented is one way to achieve that. Focusing on the past may not be helpful, which is why divorcing couples should actively listen to one another and make reasonable requests based on the circumstances in the present. Additionally, it is often in everyone's best interests to take a collaborative approach-trying to work together to reach a solution can mean everyone will stick to what they agree to.

While some couples may be able to sit at a negotiating table with one another, this might not be possible for everyone. If matters start off or begin to get contentious, it might be helpful to seek expert guidance on how to proceed. Whether one chooses to pursue a collaborative divorce or go through litigation, consulting an experienced attorney can prove to be helpful.

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