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The changing face of marriage and divorce

Given that many young adults in Colorado are the products of divorced marriages, it may come as no surprise that they are taking their time to settle down and get married. Not only are "millennials" driving the divorce rate down, they are also helping bring the marriage rate down. There are a number of ways that they are changing the face of traditional marriages,

Given their upbringing, millenials fear breakups and attempt to take their time in finding the right person to marry. In an effort to drive down stress, they are also attempting to lower their student debt and get a better handle on their financial life before getting married.

As a result, they are marrying later in life. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the median age that people are marrying has gone up to age 27 for women and age 29 for men. Also, millennial couples are cohabitating together longer, making living together the pathway to getting married. Some millennial couples even purchase homes together before getting married.

In addition, millenials are also more likely to sign prenuptial agreements -- referred to as premarital agreements in Colorado. They want to protect their assets and interests if their marriage does not last, and they decide to divorce.

Whether one is attempting to protect their assets before getting married through a prenuptial agreement, during a marriage through a postnuptial agreement or after a divorce through the separation agreement, consulting an experienced professional can be helpful. Getting guidance about one's options can make it easier for couples to make informed choices.

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