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5 divorce mediation questions to answer

Even though divorce mediation may not sound like something that will work for you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse, there are many benefits that should have you second guessing yourself.

With divorce mediation, a family law mediator acts as a neutral party to help you and your spouse resolve the issues associated with your divorce. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to facilitating communication, asking questions to clear the air, identifying alternatives for solving disputes and describing how a judge may interpret specific issues.

A mediator does not have the legal power to make decisions on behalf of either individual.

Here are five divorce mediation questions to address before you get started:

  • What's the first step in the process? Generally speaking, this is when the couple meets with the mediator to identify key issues and lay out a plan for discussing them. This is your time to get everything out on the table.
  • What happens after the first meeting? You'll then partake in additional meetings during which you negotiate on all the details that have been laid out.
  • How long does divorce mediation take? This depends on many factors, including the complexity of the divorce and the willingness of both individuals to negotiate and compromise.
  • Are you required to appear in court? If you're able to work everything out through mediation, there's no requirement to appear in court. Furthermore, your mediator may be able to help you file the necessary documents with the court.
  • Are you able to consult with a family law attorney? It's a good idea to consult with an experienced family law attorney, as this person can keep you on track throughout the mediation process. They can also explain your legal rights and help you protect them.

The more you learn about divorce mediation, the greater chance there is that you'll have success with the process. This will save you time and money, while allowing you to avoid the stress typically associated with litigation.

Don't shy away from divorce mediation because your relationship with your spouse is at an all-time low. Even if you're no longer able to communicate with one another, mediation has the potential to help you resolve all your differences.

Visit our website and read our blog for more information on divorce mediation and related family law matters.

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