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Issues faced during same-sex adoption

Starting a family is a major and exciting event for couples in Colorado and elsewhere. While this process may appear to be easier for some, other are faced with challenges and hurdles to have the family that they have always dreamed of. For a same-sex couple, this could mean navigating adoption and working through this lengthy and emotional process.

When parents adopt a child, these parents then become the legal parents to the child. In some states, if a same-sex couple is married, the other parent is automatically treated as the second parent to the adoptive child. However, other states only allow for one parent to adopt the child. This means that only one parent has legal rights to the child, which includes the right to live with the child and make decisions regarding their health, education, religion and other important decisions.

In these matters, the other parent is able to petition the court to adopt the child as a second parent. Such a step is important to take so that both parents have rights to the child in the event of a divorce or separation. Without this legal status, the other parent may face challenges when requesting visitation or seeking to have a voice with regards to important decisions.

Those dealing with legal challenges related to a same-sex adoption should take the time to understand their rights and what steps they can take to overcome them. And much like any family law matter, it is important that one understands how to protect the best interests of the child.

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