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The importance of an active father in a child's life

When it comes to divorce and child custody disputes, women are often given preference as a child's custodial parent. Whether or not fair, this is simply the truth of matter. Oftentimes, fathers accept this reality and take a backseat in their children's lives. Little do these fathers know that their diminished role in their children's lives may have a profoundly negative impact.

The power of a father's presence is inescapable. Children with fathers who play an active role in their lives are less likely to engage in risky behaviors and become incarcerated, but their IQs tend to be higher too. These children are more likely to have higher paying jobs and healthier relationships than their counterparts who don't have an active father in their life. They also tend to have less psychological problems.

Of course, being an active father is easier said than done in some cases, especially when a custodial mother aggressively fights to keep a father away from his or her child. When this is the case, legal action may need to be taken. This may come in the form of a child custody or visitation modification, but such action should only be taken when the evidence warrants it. Child custody and visitation determinations are made based on a child's best interests, so a father looking for more expansive visitation or custody needs to be prepared to argue how the proposed plan will support those best interests.

Divorce issues are rarely easy to handle. They are oftentimes fraught with emotions that can be complicated and overwhelming. This is especially true when children are involved.

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