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November 2019 Archives

Premarital agreement waiver of rights can be key in divorce

For many Colorado couples, a premarital or postnuptial agreement is part of the marital process. They have the agreement as a condition of the marriage, and do so understanding the potential ramifications, if the union does not work out. When there is this type of agreement, there are certain criteria that must be adhered to for the document to be legal and enforceable. While these have been discussed previously, one that is important and should be considered on its own is the waiver of rights.

Where are some places your spouse may hide assets before divorce?

For the average person considering divorce in Colorado, the biggest concern other than protecting the relationship with their children will be trying to secure a reasonable and fair outcome to the property division process. After all, even if you didn't earn much money during the marriage, you may have provided emotional and practical support in the home unpaid.

Helping you navigate same-sex family law matters

While same-sex couples have the right to marry and divorce in Colorado, this does not mean that these couples are faced with the same divorce issues when navigating family law matters. Unfortunately, same-sex couples face various obstacles, as the field of same-sex family law is still emerging. Thus, in order to reach a resolution and protect one's rights in these complex matters, it is important to fully understand one's rights and what options are available.

Helping you move smoothly through the divorce process

No one gets married in Colorado with the idea that the union will end, but this is a reality every couple must face, as the national rate still remains around 50 percent. And, when a couple becomes one of the 50 percent, it is important that divorcing spouses fully understand the process and what they can do to help ease this often challenging and emotional process.

What expenses can child support cover?

Raising a child in Colorado is a fulfilling and enjoyable part in life. However, it is also costly to have a family. These costs can feel like a significant weight, especially when one parent maintains most of the child rearing. Whether parents are divorce, separated or never married, obtaining child support can be necessary and extremely valuable, as it can cover a wide range of expenses.

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