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What expenses can child support cover?

Raising a child in Colorado is a fulfilling and enjoyable part in life. However, it is also costly to have a family. These costs can feel like a significant weight, especially when one parent maintains most of the child rearing. Whether parents are divorce, separated or never married, obtaining child support can be necessary and extremely valuable, as it can cover a wide range of expenses.

What expenses can child support cover? While child support is used to pay for the essential needs of a child, such as food and clothing, the reality is that these financial support payments can be used to address other needs and expenses related to the upbringing of a child. This often includes basic necessities, medical care, educational fees, childcare, transportation and travel, entertainment, extracurricular activities and college expenses.

When the needs and expenses related to the care and upbringing of a child are assessed, this can help establish the amount of child support that should be paid. Various factors can help determine this, and this often includes the income and the ability of a parent to pay, the financial needs of the child and the amount of support needed in order for the child to maintain their existing standard of living.

Whether one is requesting child support, seeking to modify a current order or needs assistance enforcing an order, it is important to understand your rights and options. This means exploring what legal steps are necessary so the best interests of a child are met.

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