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Professional parents have unique parenting issues after divorce

Having two working parents in the family can provide everyone with a higher standard of living thanks to dual incomes. Unfortunately, having two people working full time can also complicate your family dynamics and strain your marital relationship.

When both parents work long hours and experience high levels of stress, they may not have the emotional or mental energy to work on the marriage the way that they need to in order to preserve it in the long term. Busy professionals have a higher risk of divorce than other couples in Colorado.

Professionals also have special considerations in their divorce that will alter how they set terms for parenting time and custody. If you're planning to divorce, you need to address these unique concerns when negotiating terms for your parenting plan. Overlooking them could cause major issues between you and your ex in the future.

You need to divide up parenting time even when the kids aren't home

In a two-parent home, you can juggle responsibilities when something unusual comes up during the workday. If your kid falls ill or gets into a fight at school and has to come home, one parent will likely be able to make arrangements to leave work and collect the child. Either parent could be the one who gets the kid from school, and scheduling will likely influence who assumes that responsibility.

After a divorce, one parent or the other will likely have to assume that responsibility on any given day, without direct consideration for their daily work schedule or how it compares to their ex's schedule. It is quite common for both parents to want to defer to the other in this sort of situation, leading to substantial delays when a child must come home from school unexpectedly.

Don't leave your child in that vulnerable, uncomfortable position or open yourself up to career or custody issues. Divide responsibilities for parenting time throughout the school year in your parenting plan so that one parent always has an obligation to care for the kids in the event of sickness or other issues.

Address how to change arrangements due to work obligations

If you have to go to a week-long training session or travel out of state, you won't be able to collect your children as planned for your parenting time. Instead of leaving your ex in a lurch or getting into a fight about whether you should pay more child support because of your decreased parenting time that month, it makes sense for you and your ex to set rules in place for altering the parenting plan when outside obligations affect your availability as originally scheduled.

Setting rules that encourage flexibility in how to change your parenting time now can make it easier for you and your ex to work together as a unit and provide the support your children need during and after your divorce.

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