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What can be done to enforce a visitation schedule in Colorado?

Getting a divorce in Colorado can lead to emotional and personal upheaval. This is worse when there are children from the marriage and child custody and a visitation schedule is in dispute. Even in cases where the couple is cordial or even friendly, issues can arise to make the situation acrimonious. After the case is completed and parenting time has been determined, it does not necessarily mean the case is over. If parenting time and the visitation rights are problematic, filing a motion to have the agreement enforced can settle concerns.

When there is a hearing for parenting time, the court can install different rules and conditions to be consistent with the prior order. By doing this, this is a step to ensure the prior order is successful. The court is required to separate child support and the visitation rights so there can be no conditions set by either parent to influence these aspects of the case.

The child's best interests are always a priority and this can be reconsidered by the court. If there is a change, that is simply part of the process. When a parent refuses to comply with the order, there can be financial ramifications and the parent denied parenting time would receive payment.

Anytime there is a divorce, there will be inevitable complications. Visitation scheduling and denying another parent the rights he or she was supposed to have under the court agreement is one such concern. There are many others including child support, property division and spousal support.

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