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February 2020 Archives

The importance of civility in a divorce proceeding

Ending a marriage can be an emotional process, and in some cases, individuals will say or do things that they aren't necessarily proud of. However, the way that former spouses interact with other during the divorce process could have an impact on how the case is resolved. It could also have an impact on their personal and professional reputations after the marriage comes to an end.

Couple in divorce dispute over art collection

Colorado couples who get a divorce may face a complicated process when it comes to dividing property. This is the case for a New York couple. The man is from a prominent art-collecting family, and his wife alleges that he took $200 million worth of art from their home. Some sources say he has placed it in an offshore trust.

Creating a strong parenting agreement to protect your rights

Parents who choose to divorce face many challenges, from property division issues to child custody and parenting disagreements. Often, child custody and parenting conflicts can cause tension long after a divorce finalizes, so it is important to create strong agreements that protect parents' and children's rights properly.

Pursuing divorce is more common for women

Many issues can come up in a Colorado divorce, including alimony, division of assets, child support and more. What can recede into the background, however, is what sparked the divorce to begin with. This information can be important for people who are thinking about a divorce but are not sure they want to move forward with it.

Social Security rules to remember after divorce

When older Colorado couples decide to divorce, they may want to keep in mind the way that the end of the marriage could affect their Social Security benefits. While these benefits may be insufficient to fully provide for retirement, many people who are divorced may be owed more than they think. By staying aware of the rules, people can help to make sure that they get all of the retirement income they are entitled to. When people are married, both spouses may be eligible for Social Security based on one spouse's work record.

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