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Pursuing divorce is more common for women

Many issues can come up in a Colorado divorce, including alimony, division of assets, child support and more. What can recede into the background, however, is what sparked the divorce to begin with. This information can be important for people who are thinking about a divorce but are not sure they want to move forward with it.

The perception about marriage is that women are more enthusiastic about settling down. Interestingly, they are also statistically more prone to pursuing a divorce. There have been multiple studies showing this to be the case. A 2015 study showed that nearly 70% of divorces were initiated by women. According to experts, there are three common reasons why women file for divorce more often.

Women may be concerned that the marriage is keeping them from achieving their goals. Currently, women comprise more than half of the workforce in the U.S. With the combination of housework, financial disparities and the possibility that a woman could feel constrained from advancing in her career, divorce could be a preferable option. Emotional challenges could come to the forefront as well; men are perceived as lacking in communication skills. Women experience stress and a lack of support because of that. This too can be the catalyst for a divorce.

In addition, women are less willing to accept bad behavior than they were in the past when the man was the main or sole earner in the household. Today, if a woman earns in her own right and the relationship is strained, divorce is a more appealing alternative.

Regardless of why a person wants a divorce, there are fundamental factors to think about. When considering the end of a marriage, having legal advice may be beneficial. A law firm with experience in all areas of divorce might help an individual proceed.

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