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The importance of civility in a divorce proceeding

Ending a marriage can be an emotional process, and in some cases, individuals will say or do things that they aren't necessarily proud of. However, the way that former spouses interact with other during the divorce process could have an impact on how the case is resolved. It could also have an impact on their personal and professional reputations after the marriage comes to an end.

Acting in a civil manner may make it easier to settle a divorce in less time. It can also help to preserve relationships between parents who are responsible for raising their children until they become legal adults. Generally speaking, those who act in a respectful manner toward others will usually be treated with respect in return. It is important to keep in mind that saying mean or nasty things about another person can make it harder for that person to make a living.

A reduction in income could result in lower alimony or child support payments each month. This is because these payments are typically based on either an individual's income or an individual's income in relation to the other parent or spouse's income. Parents who are courteous to each other during the divorce process may be granted custody rights or generous visitation rights to their children.

Ideally, an individual will act in a calm, mature and respectful manner throughout a divorce proceeding. Doing so may help an individual obtain leverage to negotiate higher alimony payments or a larger share of marital property. An attorney may be able to provide insight into what an individual might do in a divorce proceeding to maximize the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. If a person isn't able to negotiate a settlement, an attorney might represent that person's interests during a divorce trial.

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