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What can child support be used to pay for?

Colorado parents who either pay or receive child support may wonder just what expenses it is supposed to cover. Many people are surprised to learn that child support is not only for the bare essentials.

It can be frustrating to struggle to pay your support and then see your ex take your child on a vacation with your money. But, as long as your child's needs are met, their other parent is well within their rights to use your child support dollars on a trip or recreational outing with your son or daughter.

Below is a partial list of expenses covered by child support payments.

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Child care expenses
  • Tuition and school fees
  • Medical care
  • Travel
  • Transportation (including a car note)
  • Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment costs
  • Extracurricular activities
  • College expenses

Unless you have proof that your child's needs are going unmet and that their other parent is spending the support money on drugs or other vices, there is little that you can do about the way the money is spent. The other parent also does not have to account to you how the support funds are spent.

That does not mean that you have no recourse if you know that child support funds meant for the child are being diverted to pay for extravagant or nefarious purposes while your child does without some of life's necessities.

Speak to a Colorado Springs family law attorney to learn whether you may be able to petition the court for custody or seek to have your child support order modified to pay a lower amount.

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